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Other Activities and Projects of the Company

Jovem Aprendiz (Young Apprentice) Program

The Program aims to include, train, and promote the professional development of young people, generating opportunities for rural professional training and enabling them to enter the job market, through a program prepared pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 10,097/00.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 24, who have completed or are attending elementary or high school, can participate in the Senar Bahia Learning Program. Preference is given to low-income young people and those from rural worker or producer families.

The program is conducted in partnership with rural companies that comply with the legislation regarding the obligation to hire apprentices, with the registration in the Social Security Card (CTPS) and Learning Contract for a fixed period, not exceeding two years.

In addition to the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the courses, young people are encouraged to develop self-esteem, creativity, citizenship, responsibility, and ethics. The results are rewarding, mainly because most young people are discovering their vocation, which may or may not be linked to their education.

Internship Program

The Juparanã Internship Program aims to develop and enhance skills in professionals who are starting their careers, which allows them to be molded into the company's organizational culture. They may become part of the company's staff.

Since 2016, the program has been conducted with employees. The Profit-Sharing Program is not a benefit, but a variable remuneration amount, earned when the Company and the Team reach or exceed the goals defined, negotiated, and contracted.

The main objective of the Program is to make teamwork more efficient, promoting solidity and harmony between the departments in the search for improvements both in productivity and in the performance quality of the professionals and to contribute to the reduction of costs.

Cooperation promotes positive results by bringing recognition and retribution for the superior performance of each one.

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