Juparanã offers its partners the Soybean Barter modality through the Baratto tool, which in Italian means “exchange”. Through Baratto, it is possible to acquire and pay for inputs with future soy production. This type of operation is very safe and advantageous, especially when the dollar and commodities fluctuate, as the exchange currency is the production itself. In addition, Baratto has the best package of services and technical assistance in the region, allowing the partner producer to better plan and increase profitability!

Industrial Seed Treatment

Seed treatment protects the productive potential of the crop, promoting the control of pests and initial diseases. Within this scenario, TSI represents a real revolution in management, bringing even more quality, safety, and convenience.

Soybean Seed Production

We offer the producer certified soybean seeds produced within the highest quality standards, with extremely high vigor and germination, enabling the rural producer to fully exploit the productive potential of each cultivar.


Juparanã has its large fleet, with more than 60 trucks, and a storage structure. With this, we can provide greater convenience and safety to the producer. This structure guarantees that our customers will receive their products at the right time, ensuring greater possibilities for planning and marketing strategy.

Grain Storage

The grain storage units are located in strategic regions, with high grain reception capacity. These structures aim to provide the rural producer with peace of mind and quality in the storage process so that our customers always have the guarantee that their harvest is safe and available to be sold at the right time.

Technical Monitoring

To assist the rural producer and bring the best experience to everyone, Juparanã has a commercial team made up of trained and experienced professionals with the main objective of offering quality technical assistance, adding value and profitability to our customers' business, and guaranteeing the follow-up from start to finish.