The “Cultivar Sementes” is Juparanã soybeans seeds trade mark. We are the first soybean seedbed of Paragominas Agricultural Pole. Our mission is to produce very high vigor seeds, consequently providing to rural producer exploit the productive potencial of every variety to the full.
The unit has modern improving equipment, climatized storage and a Seed Treatment Center (STC), besides na internal monitoring quality lab.

Industrial Seed Treatment (TSI)

The acquisition of seeds with industrial treatment guarantees a better distribution of the active ingredients and a better coating of the seeds. Moreover, it assures more practicality to producer, because the purchased product is already ready for use.


Do you know what Refuge is?

Intacta RR2 Pro®’s technology was created to provide a healthier harvest. Protecting the crop from the main plagues of the soy crop, increasing the potential for productivity and tolerance to glyphosate.
In order to guarantee the potential of this biotechnology, it is necessary to plant a refuge. And to answer the question above, the refuge plant is basically the planting of seeds without the Bt technology in approximately 20% of the crop, where the remainder is the planting of seeds with the Bt technology. This is necessary to preserve the benefits of the technology, making the proliferation of resistant insects difficult. This way the presence of susceptible insects, which can mate with resistant ones generating caterpillars also susceptible. A structured and tested system that offers greater security for a healthy harvest.