“The Agro is in our essence! Promoting policies and practices to attract, develop and prize professionals, are our priority, aiming at the sustainable growth of the Company and supporting the business strategies”. Based on this belief, the Personnel Management develops its programs to attract and select the best professionals aligned with Juparanã values.


Why work at Juparanã?

Juparanã’s mission is to positively impact the agribusiness segment, adding value to its customers, employees, shareholders and business partners, caring about future generations and the society where the company is present. In this search, we work to feed people and make agribusiness more sustainable. Providing a constructive and pleasant work environment, prizing its employees and contributing to the development provided by agribusiness. In addition to the benefits package, Juparanã offers opportunities for growth and development programs, encouraging the search for knowledge, always based on its values and culture.


Juparanã hires young apprentices and is dedicated to their training and inclusion in the labor market. It offers theoretical and practical training courses, through partnership with professional institutions, uniting the potential of young people to the needs of the corporate world. If you are 14 to 22 years old and are looking for new challenges, we invite you to be a young apprentice in Juparanã, stay tuned in our releases in the social networks applying to the program when the opportunity arises!



The Juparanã Internship Program is for you who wants to learn while practicing the content of the course, and seeks real challenges alongside experienced professionals, who inspire and can contribute to your growth! The trainees have the opportunity to participate actively of the routine, processes and projects of the company, with the aim of developing to the maximum their potential, providing the development of the essencial skills and competencies to their career. You will access the available internship opportunities at “Job opportunities” section where you can apply for a vacancy.


Juparanã promotes a friendly environment, with a professional management, entrepreneurial spirit and provides a continuous learning to its employees. Our passion for Agro is reflected in our work and enviroment, generating the necessary fuel to reach success and motivation through rewarding experiences.

Juparanã contributes to the training and experience of many professionals in a work environment that challenges their potential, awakens their professional passion and supports their development. You will have the opportunity to work in a consistent and reliable company, where technology and practice come together to ensure substancial success in its diversified areas of expertise.

Ethics, appreciation of partners, social and environmental commitment, respect for people, participatory management, emphasis on human capital, team spirit, focus on quality, entrepreneurship, agility, strength and innovation, comprising the values of Juparanã, practices that bring meaning to what we do!


Within the proposal of appreciation of our employees, our vacancies are also publicized internally. The possibilities of a carreer advancement are a reality for every employee.


Juparanã values ​​and encourages the professional development of its employees. We believe that each employee must be the protagonist ofhis own development! In order to promote this belief, we provide training and improvement technics to employees in their áreas of acting. Aiming the objective of working with increasingly qualified people, we generate an environment and opportunities endorsing our team personal and professional growth.


One of the projects that make up the development initiative is the LDP – Leadership Development Program. Based on the organization’s strategies, the company offers a Training Program focused on developing the role of the leader within the organization, to support the personnel development and the achievement of organizational objectives. The LDP is aimed at leaders and potentials, with the objective of developing the necessary competencies, to execute the management of the teams in an effective and efficient manner, working on their profiles, competencies, points for improvement, action plan and career development.


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